About Reata

A commitment from our family to yours.

Part boat, part invitation.

Reata by Ranger is more than a pontoon boat. It’s a commitment from our family to yours. You’ll see it in our vinyl-wrapped couches that provide extra cushion and enhanced durability. You’ll feel it in the showroom when a dealer proudly tells you that Ranger stands behind every product bearing its name. And you’ll see it in every photo and indelible memory you collect on the water. RSVP accordingly. 

Five stars, one obsession.

Every boat born with the legendary Ranger name comes complete with our Five-Star Advantage. And Reata by Ranger pontoon boats are no exception.Here’s what you can expect and what we demand of all of our boats.

  • Quality–Detail after detail, you’ll see the difference in our construction standards, top-grade materials and premium components.
  • Innovation–From fishing to cruising, we never stop listening, learning and refining.  
  • Performance–Whether you’re opening up the engine or the live well, you’ll appreciate superior handling and even greater confidence.
  • Resale–Like all Rangers, your Reata is built to last and continue making memories for second and third owners down the line.
  • Safety–Every boat we make meets or exceeds all USCG, NMMA and ABYC standards and is designed to deliver lasting peace of mind.

Power of Choice™

The choice is yours. Reata by Ranger pontoons are available with a wide range of outboard brands.

Quality of Life, Carefully Crafted™

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